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Hamdys Newsagent Porn Free

Hamdys Newsagent is Porn Free and has striven to be porn free for the last 17 Years.


Wait Team

WAIT (Washington AIDS International Teens) is a performing arts group that educates youth about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and empowers youth to use their talents to make a difference in the world.


Wait Team UK

WAIT UK is a proactive and dynamic peer education project, aimed at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs through delaying sexual activity, and inspiring young people to live a healthy and ultimately satisfying lifestyle. WAIT helps young people develop their talents and creativity in the performing arts (singing, dancing and drama), which is also the medium of getting the message across.


Free Teens

Free Teens USA reaches more than 15,000 teens annually in urban and suburban areas of NY and NJ with messages of healthy relationships, self-leadership, and character development.


Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

SPUC has responded to a report on abortion by the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee. Its pro-abortion report and the committee's pro-abortion majority clearly shows that the pro-abortion lobby holds sway in Parliament.


Family & Youth Concern

Family & Youth Concern is a national educational trust which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown. It has no political or religious affiliations and is funded entirely by voluntary donations.


Media Watch UK

Founded in the 1960s by the late, Mary Whitehouse CBE, when there were just two TV channels and at a time when standards of good taste and decency were being overthrown by some broadcasters, this is a pivotal time for mediawatch-uk.