Wait Team UK

WAIT UK is a proactive and dynamic peer education project, aimed at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs through delaying sexual activity, and inspiring young people to live a healthy and ultimately satisfying lifestyle. WAIT helps young people develop their talents and creativity in the performing arts (singing, dancing and drama), which is also the medium of getting the message across.


Free Teens

Free Teens USA reaches more than 15,000 teens annually in urban and suburban areas of NY and NJ with messages of healthy relationships, self-leadership, and character development.


Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is the oldest pro-life campaigning and educational organisation in the world. We campaign to end abortion in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and internationally. We advocate the need for a consistent life ethic – one that values the lives of all human beings – and so we also campaign against other direct threats to the lives of vulnerable individuals, such as euthanasia …


Family & Youth Concern

Family & Youth Concern is a national educational trust which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown. It has no political or religious affiliations and is funded entirely by voluntary donations.



A leading pro-family activist organization, MassResistance provides the information and guidance people need to confront assaults on the traditional family, school children, and the moral foundation of society. Based in Massachusetts, we have supporters and activists in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries.


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is the leading organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. We are a non-profit organization with a focus on a wide-ranging and interrelated array of topics including, but not limited to, child sexual abuse, child-on-child harmful sexual behaviour, compulsive sexual behaviours, demand for sexual exploitation, illicit massage businesses, image-based sexual abuse, institutional sexual abuse, men’s violence against women, the neurological impacts of sexual trauma, the public health harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual harassment and assault, sexual objectification, stripping, as well as the intersection of these issues with technology. We are nonpartisan and nonsectarian because the fight to end sexual exploitation knows no political or religious boundaries. The inherent harms and oppression of sexual abuse and exploitation impact people regardless of their age, nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, or creed. We love people and partnerships.This is why we work relentlessly to build a diverse movement that welcomes all people committed to defending human dignity.


Parent Power

ParentPower is a group of parents and educators who believe that the primary responsibility for the education of children rests with their parents. We share the concern that the government education policies are overriding parental rights and are adversely affecting the development, safety and wellbeing of the nation's children and young people.