It’s Time to Set Ourselves Free from the Lies Embedded Within Transgender Theory.

It’s Time to Set Ourselves Free from the Lies Embedded Within Transgender Theory.

By Stephen Stacey

The recent transgender “gender affirmation” model differs substantially from past treatment.

Pre-2015, most children would be extensively assessed by psychologists. Pre-existing comorbidities were common. For example, over 30% of children who were sent to the primary gender clinic in the UK, the Tavistock Institute, could be placed somewhere on the autism scale.

In 2000, there was a retrospective audit of the Institute. The audit showed that 97.5 per cent of the children referred to the clinic had associated psychological challenges. Seventy per cent had more than five “associated features”. Common problems were associated with relationships, family, and mood. Moreover, the audit found that if offered counselling, some 95 per cent would grow up to be happy in their natal sex, and around 60 per cent grow up homosexual. There was no mention of worrying rates of suicide in this audit. If there was suicidal idealization, it is hard to know whether it was due to the other comorbidities or due to the participants feeling that it was intolerable to live as their natal sex. All this and more is documented in a recent book, “Time to Think” by Hannah Barnes.

At that time, some form of counselling protocol was deemed to be helpful - for example: “A Developmental Biopsychological Model for the Treatment for Children with Gender Identity Disorder” by Dr K. Zucker. He counselled over 700 dysphoric children at his clinic.

Then again, in every other pre-2015 study, the vast majority of the participants (some 90%) ultimately grew into people who were happy in their natal body - either straight or gay. For example, a 2008 study: “A Follow-up Study of Girls with Gender Identity Disorder” tracked 25 dysphoric children. Only three remained gender-confused into adulthood. Then again, another 2008 study: “Psychosexual Outcome of Gender-Dysphoric Children” tracked 54 children. All the early studies from the 1970s onward found the same thing. “Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty.”

Considering the data, why are so many temporarily confused, mentally unwell children today being rushed into medical procedures that will sterilize and mutilate them – and put on a life of body-harming drugs – at a vast cost to society as a whole?

In the early 2000s, some pharmaceutical companies teamed up with the gender and social studies departments in the U.S. to create a marketing strategy that would boost profits for both of them. Thus, the lies of “born in the body of the wrong sex” and “they will all commit suicide if you don’t let them transition” were created. Left-wing activists in the media then spread these lies, brainwashing society into this new idea. The few doctors who were involved in this small field – the people who knew the truth - were all then hounded out of their positions, silenced from speaking at events, and their papers were no longer printed in journals.

Then, abortion clinics in the U.S. decided they could get wealthy from handing out puberty blockers to children – with no counselling protocol being followed. These clinics then used the money that the taxpayers have given them to offer political donations to the Democrats – who then promoted laws and policies which support these harmful lies.

Since the deceptive mantra “born in the body of the wrong sex” has been taught in schools, it is not only the same kids who used to go for counselling that have been affected. New groups of children with other psychological challenges have been drawn in. These innocents have been told by deceptive people online that mutilating their bodies will cure their worries. Meanwhile, hundreds of videos are now appearing on YouTube, of young adults who were pushed through the sterilization and mutilation process as teens, and now regret what happened. But it is too late. And they are deeply depressed. However, the profits of the trans-Mafia are projected to rise from 150 million some 10 years ago to 5 billion by 2030. They don’t care. But politicians should care.

Meanwhile, every social institution in the Western hemisphere has had to expend enormous amounts of goodwill and time in an effort to deal with the lies that are inherent in this deceptive marketing strategy. The transgender cause has created a massive loss of social harmony. This is a corporate-led culture war.

It’s important for us to realise that every single law and policy that seeks to affirm that “people can be born in the body of the wrong sex” harms far more people than are helped. In the name of compassion, more people who need our compassion are created. Our university STEM fields are telling us that trans theory is seriously harming their ability to do research with integrity. Women and children are being harmed. Social decay is inevitable.

Luckily, the gender clinics for children in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Holland are being shut down because the lies of the marketing strategy were taking precedence over the reality that most of the children had other mental challenges that needed to be dealt with. The split between the U.S. and Europe on this issue was recently detailed in an article titled: “Why Europe and America are going in opposite directions on youth transgender medicine” by Leor Sapir. The article was clear. The Europeans are following the science, but the Americans had no interest in looking at the data. They are still possessed by the lies within trans-theory.

The only way to stop these deceptive lies from doing even more harm is for society to go back to recognizing gender confusion for the psychological illness it is – and to improve counselling services for those who need it.

Ultimately, schoolchildren need to be told the truth – that’s the purpose of a school. They need to be de-programmed from the lies in the media. 1) Gender confusion is typically temporary. It usually comes about due to other underlying psychological issues. Counselling can help. 2) The life of a transsexual is often a sad and lonely one. The drugs create many problems for the body. The operations often go wrong. Most lose their ability to have any form of orgasm. Having sex is just rubbing skin together. Most never find a life-long partner – it is a lonely life. Finding and keeping a job is often hard; thus, living near the poverty line is common. Because of these negatives, suicide is common.

If we told our children the truth, the transgender fad, which has reached a cult-like status in some schools, would immediately lose its appeal.

Lastly, to put the nail into the coffin of this deceptive marketing strategy, the 2010 Equality Act needs to be reformed as soon as possible. The word “gender” needs to be changed to “biological sex,” – thus clarifying that we always base gender upon biological reality, not upon the unstable and changeable mind of humans. In essence, no one can change their natal sex. It’s time to end the immense social harm that the lies are doing. We don’t need more girls and women raped or sexually abused in prisons in public places where there are bodily vulnerable. We don’t need ruined science departments. We all should be worried that our politicians are so easily deceived and have passed laws that will seriously harm our nation. We don’t have to waste time on this issue. There are far more pressing issues, like the millions of fatherless boys, that society needs to deal with.



By John O'Neill

There have been divine interventions in British History on a number of crucial occasions. The nation was called to national days of prayer on August 4th, 1918 and May 26th, 1940, during the times of Britain’s greatest need. The miracle at Dunkirk occurred between May 26th, 1940 and June 4th. King George V1 had called the nation to prayer and the impossible happened. The troops were surrounded and trapped between the Channel and German troops when divine intervention occurred. “Intervening weather including violent rain and wind grounded the German air force while wondrously leaving the Channel calm until the evacuation was complete. The water, uncannily smooth, allowed even small motor boats to rescue stranded soldiers. In Winston Churchill’s words, 335,000 British troops were delivered ‘out of the jaws of death and shame’. Britain received its most bountiful harvests in 1942, when it faced shortages due to wartime interference with its offshore supply lines. R.S. Hudson, minister of agriculture, said, ‘Some power has wrought a miracle in the English harvest fields this summer, for in this, our year of greatest need, the land has given us bread in greater abundance than we have ever known before.’” There are other examples of divine intervention such as The Normandy D Day landings, June 6th, 1944. The “Invincible Armada” 1588. The “White Cavalry” at Mons in 1918 that turned a rout into a victory.

There are many people in our world today who refuse to believe in Almighty God because they say that if he existed, he would surely intervene and to do something to stop all the appalling and tragic suffering that is going on in our world today on many different levels. The reality is, that Almighty God has given to mankind laws, commandments, tenets and virtues contained within all the major religions, that, if utilised would stop all the suffering experienced by countless people in our world today. The core message at the heart of all the major religious teachings is summarised in Matthew 37-40: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” We have been given the responsibility to perfect ourselves as declared in Matthew 5:48. We do this in stages, by taking responsibility in living in accordance with the universal moral and spiritual laws.

Almighty God wants mankind to become Lords of the creation and to inherit his unconditional perfect love, and his creativity. This means that if he were to programme each one of us, we would become like machines and robots, and therefore there would be no value or purpose to our lives or to the creation. To solve the problem of sin and suffering in our world Our Creator allows wars and plagues etc., to happen, to divide good from evil and to warn people of the consequences of their wrong and evil actions. We see from the various divine interventions that Almighty God can work in miraculous ways when people are willing to take responsibility and are directly/indirectly working to further His Will on the earth which is a world of goodness, peace and harmony, centred on true love. Human responsibility is the key point. The ideal world that we all long to see will never happen through magic wands or some other instant spiritual phenomena. Prayer is a vital component in the spiritual/ moral war in our world today, and there are many people who think that prayer itself is the answer. However, that is then putting the problem totally onto Almighty God, and ignoring the vital aspect of the human portion of responsibility which is admirably expressed by the words of Saint Augustine: “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

One of the major reasons why we have so many problems in our world today, especially in nations such as the UK, is because the politicians have been allowed to bring in evil, secular, humanistic policies and legislation which directly contradicts Almighty God’s universal laws and commandments and has caused immeasurable pain and suffering to our nation and its citizens, especially in failing to uphold traditional God -centred family standards and values, which are meant to be the bedrock and foundation for peace and stability in each nation. Also, politicians have done virtually nothing to control the media with the ever-increasing levels of sex, violence and bad language. The media often portray sexual relationships as being like a recreational sport, and then people wonder why we have record levels of teenage pregnancies, abortions and divorces etc

Each believer should feel a deep sense of personal responsibility to challenge the evil influences in each nation as expressed in Ezekiel 3:18 “When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand”. Ephesians 5:11“ Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”. Father S.M. Moon – founder of Universal Peace Federation:“All religious people should feel responsible for the shaky spiritual foundation of this generation and should repent. Throughout the long history of religion, we have not made a convincing witness for our living God. Our past hypocrisy has allowed atheism to prevail. We should feel deeply guilty about all this. Today God is calling us. All religious people standing on the internal foundation of deep self-reflection and repentance should challenge the prevalence of all evils and work creatively in order to realise God’s will on earth. The living God wants to relate with us not merely in the context of scriptures and rituals, but rather dwelling in the hearts of people who keep God’s will in their minds and live it in everyday life.” May each one of us do our best in taking personal responsibility, knowing that that is the key to establishing the ideal world that we all long to see. Psalm 11:7 For the Lord is righteous; he loves righteous deeds; the upright shall behold his face.

Harming One’s Nation In The Name of Doing Good

Harming One’s Nation In The Name of Doing Good

By Stephen Stacey

This article is the second in a series of articles that seeks to help readers understand the difference between the Christian and Woke worldviews. In my first article, I shared how Christianity creates a vision of how an individual might, through living a three-blessings lifestyle, build a life that benefits community well-being. Strive to become a fruitful person – the best you can be – a temple of God. If you want children, marry and bring God’s love into your home. And develop your God-given talents and look after the financial needs of yourself and your family. Thus, in Christianity, goodness is seen in the context of doing those things that strengthen a three-blessings lifestyle. And evil is doing something that harms it – for example, committing adultery or telling lies. And I shared how Wokism teaches our children a different vision of a well-lived life. A good person is one who supports ALL the legislative issues that the core progressives push into the social fabric (e.g., transgender laws, abortion, etc.). There is no need to give up any community-harming habits you might have. You only need to support the doctrines of Wokism, and you are a good person. And evil is to reject any of these doctrines and say something like “Only women get pregnant”- which will get you hounded for years by a mob as you try and finish your university degree.

Since Wokism and Christianity have different worldviews, why do so many church leaders today support the doctrines of Wokism? It’s because the progressives use nice-sounding words like compassion, tolerance, fairness, and inclusivity. Didn’t Jesus preach compassion? Therefore, Jesus must have been Woke. Yes or No?

To understand the deceptive game that is being played, it’s helpful to realize that the progressives only choose specific causes to fight. For example, they don’t say, “We have to have compassion for all porn-addicted citizens and work to end this tragedy.” Instead, they only choose issues that will allow them to implement the Marxist game-plan. The Marxist game plan goes something like this. Express concern for a specific group of challenged citizens. Through using the media, stir up a strong sense of compassion for the plight of this group. Demand “compassionate” political interventions as a means to supposedly help these citizens. However, their suggested legislative interventions always have a toxic element to them. They tell politicians that the only way to solve the desperate plight of the group they support is if politicians can grant this group the legal right to harm other groups of citizens. However, the harm now done to these other groups is always far more significant than any good that is achieved through the proposed legislative intervention. “In the name of compassion or fairness, a political right to harm various groups of citizens is invented, and social decay comes about” defines all laws and policies that are suggested under the Marxist name brand. In the Russian Marxist revolution of 1917, they applied the Marxist game plan. Under the banner of compassion, citizens were granted the legal right to harm and kill many other citizens, and no energy was left to build a flourishing nation.

Thus, the progressive media makes us all hypersensitive to this small group of citizens, but they don’t want us to think about what might be the extensive negative consequences of the law change. And many of us don’t think them out for ourselves. And those who see the damage are immediately shut down with labels such as “You’re a member of the bourgeoisie, a bigot, a racist, a transphobe, etc.” But those who see the damage are not transphobic. They are trans legislation phobic. They can see the extensive harm and just wish to protect their nations from entering into a spiral of decay. Thus, in abortion law, the State says that a mother can take the life of another human without being taken to court. Some sixty years later, one can go to communities worldwide that have high rates of abortion and see the ghettoes they have become. When the State takes away the social demand that a man and woman should act honourably and responsibly towards the new life they have created, then men and women start to act less responsibly, and women find it increasingly harder to find an honourable man to marry. And when the State says that the mother can take the life of someone with immunity, then some children in that community grow up feeling they too can kill people that they don’t want in their lives. We all see the growing knife crime in the UK. There are many toxic side effects of abortion legislation. It creates far more social damage than it fixes.

The same can be said for all the other Woke causes, for example, IVF and surrogacy, the redefining of the social purpose of marriage, poorly-formed divorce law, transgender activism, affirmative action programmes, “defund the police” in the U.S., and more. Through demanding compassion or fairness, all these causes ask for the creation of legal rights that allow some groups to harm other groups of citizens. Just eight years after being dragged by the media into the transgender cause, it’s relatively easy to see where the damage is going to occur. When a handful of politicians claim they have the authority to allow a natal male to claim the status of womanhood or vice versa, they also offer those who claim to be transgendered the legal right to harm other groups of citizens – most notably females, children, and academics in many STEM fields. Thus, we might eventually see all women’s sports being dominated by natal males. We might witness the end of women’s competitive sports. The economic costs will be vast, not to mention the social costs caused by having millions of unfit citizens. Also, increasing numbers of natal males who claim to be women are now entering into social spaces where women are bodily vulnerable. Not surprisingly, rates of rape and sexual abuse are rising. With tens of thousands of children currently being deceptively encouraged to switch gender – the abuse of women and girls will get much worse. And the Marxist feedback loop, where such rapes will be classed as rape by women on women, will hide the truth of what is happening. And scientists in most scientific disciplines are now complaining that trans theory is harming their work. For example, trans women are now being included in studies to see if a new drug is helpful to women. The research findings are tainted and thus useless. Over time, the science departments of Western universities will corrode from the inside. And Western companies will suffer as a result. Then, there are the immense, life-long financial costs of rapidly transitioning so many children who are too young to understand the mistake they are making. The adverse outcomes of this one piece of legislation will eventually be huge. All this damage just to help a small group of people feel a bit more accepted by society. Do the citizens of a bankrupt nation feel happier about their lives? Today, the citizens of the UK are finally realizing they are in a debt spiral that they might not be able to get out of. In having to pay for all the social damage caused by all the Woke causes, the culturally-woke Conservative government are realizing that they are being forced to become economic socialists too. Unless it rids the legal system of the Marxist game plan, all vitality will one day be crushed out of a once glorious nation. Right now, the USSR is currently being reborn.

Thus, progressive compassion is not like genuine Christian compassion. When you pass a law that harms far more people than are helped, and they are harmed in far more extensive ways, this is not compassion. Good people allow themselves the freedom accept the hurting of other citizens because the media has taught them to believe that something desperate must be done to solve the tragic plight of a certain group of citizens. The only way to protect oneself from the Marxist game plan is to develop your own sense of awareness for the far greater tragic plight of all the people that are harmed because of the laws that the progressives suggest. You then realize that other, less-damaging solutions need to be found. Today, the use of the word compassion draws the idealistic young into the new religion of Woke. And our schools teach our children Woke theology, and they get inspired about a new world of tolerance. And they bring Woke leaders to power. But no one tells them that the damage – the high taxes, the full prisons, the growing rates of depression, the growing level of authoritarianism, and more – is caused by Woke theology. If you don’t look at the extensive damage, you can think that Woke compassion is real. But sadly, it is not real. If citizens do not remove this errant, nation-destroying thought system from our schools – we can only repent that we let this disaster happen on our watch. Our only hope is to teach the next generation about the inner workings of the Christian worldview and why this worldview alone has the power to create sustainable democracies. We will look at this topic in my next article.