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Who is promoting pornography in schools

Oct 02 2013

Who is promoting pornography in schools? The Sex Education Forum (SEF). This is a body of 90 organisations, including NSPCC and Barnardo's, which wants to impose explicit sex education in the lives of all children and teenagers. The SEF is promoting pornography as part of mainstream sex education. It also suggests that pornography could be part of art, computer and media lessons in schools. Does the government promote the SEF? Yes. Elizabeth Truss MP, Minister for Education and Childcare said that schools are encouraged "to use the expertise of professional organisations such as the Sex Education Forum." Are these lessons about how to avoid pornography? No. SEF has published an online magazine for teachers full of ideas how to introduce teenagers to pornography. The lessons are about exploring pornography, not avoiding it. Playing the 'Planet Porn Game' in which pupils take it in turns to decide whether the statement on the card belongs to 'Planet Earth' (sex in pornography). A recommended website is TheSite.org which tells young people "Sex is great. And porn can be great...if you can separate the fantasy from the reality you're much more likely to enjoy both." What about primary schools? The SEF thinks that primary schools should cover the "groundwork" for pornography lessons in secondary school. The focus at primary school is getting children used to talking about their bodies, in particular how girls' and boys, bodies are different. There are leaflets and petition forms available from SPUC  to counter this insidious, immoral idea by the Sex Education Forum. Tel: 02070917091 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.